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With us you get alternatives to manufacturer original parts! In manufacturer quality, but at reasonable prices.
Our know-how as a manufacturer of tail lifts since 1982 guarantees you the highest quality, long service life and maximum safety.

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manufacturer quality

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Tail lift spare parts is your online shop (LBW shop) with best price guarantee for spare parts for tail lifts, loading ramps and lifting platforms for trucks and vans with tail lift technology.

The behrens parts online shop offers a comprehensive range of alternative spare parts for tail lifts in original manufacturer quality, suitable for everyone tail lift (short Lbw), tail lift, Charger ampe following brands:

  • MBB Palfinger
  • Bear Cargolift
  • Sorensen
  • dates
  • Behrens Eurolift
  • Palfinger (PBS)
  • Dhollandia
  • Zepro
  • Antaeus
  • WADA

Our spare parts are 100% compatible, manufactured in the same way and can be used 1:1 like the original parts for almost all platforms.

With our clever spare parts and accessories finder, you can easily and quickly select the items in our range Tail lift spare parts, Truck Tail Lift Parts, Commercial vehicle spare parts and Accessories of all well-known manufacturers for Truck tail lifts, truck loading ramps and Transporters with lifting platforms. The search is made easier above all by the option of filtering the products by manufacturer tail lift, type and assembly.

Are you now looking for the right truck accessories, truck spare parts for everything to do with loading ramps, tail lifts, tail lift technology - also for vans with tail lifts.

The selection of spare parts leaves nothing to be desired. The products offered are exclusively quality goods with the same high-quality processing as with original spare parts, which guarantee a long service life and maximum safety and at a fantastic price/performance ratio. Compared to comparable original parts, you can secure an average price advantage of 23%.

Behrens Parts convinced with the online shop with know-how for more than 30 yearsto technically competent advice and with quality products from established suppliers in the tail lift industry, thus ensuring trust and a high level of customer satisfaction. With our own workshop and our own production of tail lifts, we are very familiar with accessories and spare parts as well as repairs for trucks and vans.

Behrens Parts is the only supplier of alternative tail lift spare parts, which is also a firmly established manufacturer on the market under the brand name Behrens Eurolift tail lifts is and also offers extensive customer service, which, for example, a free delivery within Germany and two-year warranty on all parts includes.

Have a look in our LBW shop for suitable tail lift spare parts and feel free to ask us without obligation.

Behrens Parts tail lift spare parts lifting platforms

The renowned brands of manufacturers of tail lifts at a glance:

  • Palfinger (PBS) Parts & Accessories
    The traditional company was founded in 1932 in Schärding (Upper Austria) by Richard Palfinger, who initially manufactured special agricultural machines and hoists in a small workshop. Today, the company presents itself with ever new innovations and the latest technology in the field of hydraulically driventail lifts, which, in combination with process-oriented production, enable the highest quality standard. In 2007, Palfinger took over MBB Liftsystem AG.
  • MBB-Palfinger spare parts & accessories
    With more than 50 years of experience in the field of hydraulic tail lifts, MBB Liftsystems AG is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of these extremely helpful loading systems (also called MBB Hubfix). The German MBB Liftsystems AG has its headquarters in Ganderkesee / Hoykenkamp near Bremen as well as sales subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Slovakia and the USA. MBB-Liftsysteme AG was taken over by Palfinger in 2007 and has been trading under Palfinger Tail Lifts GmbH since then.
  • Bär Cargolift spare parts & accessories
    The tail lifts of the company Bär Cargolift, founded in 1981, are produced at the main location in Heilbronn. The German market leader for tail lifts currently employs 280 people who actively participate in the constant new developments of the company and thus ensure creative production successes. For example, Bär Cargolift was the first manufacturer to design flaps made entirely of aluminum and to develop a new coating process. The innovative equipment of the Klein now opens up a completely new area Transporters with lifting platforms.
  • Sorensen spare parts & accessories
    The manufacturer Sörensen Hydraulic GmbH has more than 45 years of priceless experience in the production of tail lifts with a load capacity of 500 to 2500 kilograms. A Sorensen tail lift is suitable for every application, with a Transporter with lifting platform just like a pull-down one tail lift, while the patented 2- or 4-cylinder technology convinces with an incomparably low weight of the tailboard with a simultaneous high level of performance.
  • Dautel spare parts & accessories
    The Dautel company can look back on more than 40 years of successful company existence and develops and manufactures innovative products tail lifts with functionally safe and reliable components that enable simple and logical operation. The finished product is one tail lift in premium quality that meets the highest security requirements and guarantees reliable continuous use for professional users.
  • Behrens Eurolift spare parts & accessories
    The behrens loading systems BV, originally only geared to the sale and repair of tail lifts, was able to use the wealth of experience gained over the years about the technology and types of tail lifts from various manufacturers to produce the first Behrens Eurolift in-house. Today, Behrens Eurolifts are delivered with high quality standards as a completely ready-to-install unit with pre-assembled electrics and hydraulics.
  • ANTEO spare parts & accessories
    Founded in 1969, Anteo initially manufactured hydraulic cylinders exclusively to customer specifications. It was not until 1992 that the company, which is now successful worldwide, launched its first series of truck tail lifts on the market. Thanks to years of know-how in the field of hydraulics in connection with an efficient production strategy, which was made possible by modern technology and leads to excellent quality, sustained international success has resulted.
  • Dhollandia Spare Parts & Accessories
    Founded in Belgium in 1968 by Omer Dhollander, Dhollandia has a 43 year track record of manufacturing and distributing hydraulic tail lifts back and has developed into a well-known manufacturer in this field on the European market. Its own production facilities in Belgium, France, Slovakia and Ireland supply 90% of the electronic, mechanical and hydraulic components. The extensive customer care network now offers optimal service on 6 continents and over 50 countries.
  • Zepro spare parts & accessories
    In the first years after it was founded in 1940 by John Westling, the Zepro company mainly produced machines for forestry use. Since 1970, the Zepro company has also been producing hydraulically driven tail lifts and marketing them worldwide. The range includes numerous lifting solutions in aluminum or steel, which are used in light-duty to heavy-duty vehicles with lifting capacities between 450 and 3000 kilograms.
  • AMA spare parts & accessories
    AMA is a Dutch company and was founded in 1981. Later the production site for tail lifts was relocated to Poland until 2006 when the Hiab company took over the AMA company. Through this takeover, the Hiab company managed to firmly establish its position in Poland, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. Albeit currently the production of AMA loading lifts was discontinued, however, many spare parts are still available.

Easy online spare parts search according to specific subassemblies for each truck platform:

The search for spare parts in the online shop is structured in such a way that EVERY spare part and accessory is suitable for ALL tail lifts, can be found with a simple navigation. Sorting by brand/manufacturer tail lift, by type of tail lift and/or after the assembly of the spare parts, ensures a quick search result.

The individual spare parts assemblies for tail lifts in a small overview:

  • Aggregate
    12V units, 24V units, unit hoods, unit covers, unit housings, etc. are located here.
  • Bolzen
    Spare parts such as bolts, bearing bolts, grease nipples, grease nipple caps and floor rollers are listed here.
  • sockets
    This category includes bushings, bearing bushings and bushing sets.
  • Electrics
    This group includes spare parts such as warning lamps, flashing lights, controls, hand controls, foot controls, relays & fuses, circuit boards, central electrics, wiring harnesses and cable sets and other electrical spare parts.
  • Engines
    Power relays and all common motors can be found here.
  • Pump
    From simple pumps to hydraulic pumps to pumps with a star connection are listed in this category.
  • Hoses
    Among other things, high-pressure hoses, hydraulic hoses and return hoses are recorded here
  • steel parts
    This category includes, for example, lifting arms, cantilever heads and steel heads.
  • Valves
    The valve assembly consists of directional control valves, solenoid coils, pressure relief valves, solenoid valves, flow control valves and much more.
  • Accessories
    This assembly includes, for example, sealing systems, hydraulic oil, cover caps and profiles
  • Cylinder
    Among other things, lift cylinders, lock cylinders, piston rods, sealing kits and rod ends (linkage) are listed in this assembly

Alternatively, you can also search for the right spare part by entering the original article number, type designation, name, engine number or article number. Or in the classic way by fax, telephone or e-mail directly to our friendly specialist staff.

For working in the dark, but especially in autumn and winter, we offer suitable ones Warning flags and warning flag sets with high-quality aluminum holders for all brands and manufacturers at the best price. In the event of an accident, breakdown or when loading and unloading safety vests essential. Provide the necessary and sufficient security and rely on quality that pays off!

Since 2018, we have also been sending all tail lift spare parts and accessories to Austria and other EU countries with short-term insurance and without a minimum order value.

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